Steve Gattuso

I'm a student at the University of Rochester, a co-founder of RocHack, and hackNY '13 alum. I like to work on things I find fun and useful during my spare time. If you like what I do feel free to say hello.

What I'm writing about

Aday — One picture per day for as long as my attention span lasts.
The hardware revolution — Hardware could be the new software.
A society of phone zombies — Put your damn phone away.
Sippy Cup — A beginner's guide to Flask
Going somewhere — Thoughts on leaving the middle of nowhere for NYC.
Hello world — Nothing to see here.

What I'm working on

Matchbook — Working on their web presence with the wonders of Rails. This was my summer fellowship via hackNY continuing into the school year.
OLIVERS Apparel — I'm the frontend developer for the company that's reinventing your old baggy gym shorts.
Metta — Hire a group of friends to build things with love and code.
Grooveboat — An open-source, distributed, turntable-like web app using WebRTC and Angular.
RocHack — Co-founded the University of Rochester's first hacker club. We organize weekly events and a twice a year hackathon.
Gobb — A simple forum platform written in Go.

Past work

Weebly — Backend, frontend, and iOS engineering intern for summer 2014 in San Francisco. (Jun - August 2014)
Warner School of Education — Maintaining and extending internal tools for my school's schooling school. (Sept 2012 - May 2013)

I'd love for your next project to be here! Get in touch and let's make awesome things happen.